We've never been big on testimonials. They always seem forced, or like you're watching an infomercial at 2am. This is different; the stories below are truths, told by people who have genuinely seen results and benefits from our products. We didn't bribe anyone.

Honestly, our stuff is that good.

I met Ann by phone through our common diagnosis of DCIS breast cancer. We both found we were interested in changing our lifestyles to reduce the risk of recurrence since harmful chemicals in many of today’s products can be very toxic. That is when I discovered she had her own business with all natural skin care products. I tried all of the products and instantly loved the luxurious texture and hydration. After using the Plus Face Hydrate for several weeks now my skin looks so much better I stopped using my foundation and I am 42!!! I never expected that—quite the pleasant surprise.
— Lorie / Louisville, Kentucky
Want to give a plug to this company. I use many of their products and love them. If you’re looking for quality, natural skin care products, look here. BTW, her customer service is top notch, too. If you have a question, you can expect a personal reply.
— Sue / Divide, Colorado
Ann and Nic, I absolutely love the products, especially the body scrub. So glad I ordered.
— Mary / Glen Ellyn, Illinois
I ordered the Plus Hand + Body Scrub a couple of weeks ago and have noticed a drastic improvement on how soft my skin now is. I can’t imagine how I wasn’t snagging my clothes with my pre-scrubbed dragon skin - AND it’s made of ingredients that I can understand! The product is amazing and I can’t wait to convert to the others as well!
— Alex / Denver, Colorado
I loved Plus Hand Hydrate the second I tried it. My hands stay soft and moisturized, even if I forget to apply it for a couple of days. I cannot say enough good things about these products — high quality, wonderful (and never overpowering) fragrance, lasting effects.
— Dana / Anchorage, Alaska
Want to give Plus a shout out: received my order quickly and your product feels and smells wonderful! I wanted to try it for a week before getting back to you. I am not a fan of thick facial cream BUT I love this and it feels luxurious on my face and neck. Plus just absorbs and is non-greasy. Loving my Plus products!
— Tricia / Woodbine, Maryland
My husband had really dry hands with lots of cracked skin on his fingers. I started applying Plus Hand Hydrate on his hands every night and we both get the lotion benefit from it, and absolutely enjoy and love the citrus scent. It smells SO good. We also like holding hands.
— Capy / Kerrville, Texas
I cannot say enough good things about this all-natural product. If they make it, I will use it. A piece of heaven. Everyone should check them out.
— Cindi / Bailey, Colorado
The products are healthy and good for you. They last a long time too. So if you think they sound expensive, they’re a steal because they last months and your skin will feel great and smooth. I always get compliments that I look younger than I am!
— Christy / Cedar Falls, Iowa
I loved the concept for Plus as soon as I heard it. And, I was hopeful the products would live up to the concept. They do and more! I love the Face Hydrate and my new favorite is the Hand Hydrate - a little goes a long way and I love the fresh, citrus scent. It is so nice to have found natural skin care that is not only good for my body, but feels so fantastic. Thank you Ann and Nic!
— Stephanie / Louisville, Colorado
Knowing I have Plus Body Hydrate to slather on after my shower every morning makes getting out of bed much easier! My winter chapped lips and face relish Plus Face Hydrate. It’s the only thing that soothes the raw skin around my mouth.
— Sara / Washington, D.C.
I love all of the Plus products, but my favorite is the Body Hydrate. My skin is very dry, all year round. When I put the Body Hydrate on, it’s like my skin is saying “ahh,” like you do when you take a big drink of water on a hot day. Body Hydrate is wonderful in the winter because it adds a nice layer to hold in moisture, but it is light enough so that it doesn’t feel stifling on a hot summer day.
— Steph / Erie, Colorado
Would you believe me if I said Plus has made my wrinkles less noticeable? Our beliefs are how we live our lives and they shape the way we face the world. I love the way Plus feels. I forget about whether the wrinkles are more or less from one day to the next. I just feel the difference.
— Sara / Boulder, Colorado