MINUS 001 — Desert Sage / Mezcal / Charred Pine


Highway 90, through Marfa and Valentine. A warm evening breeze across the flats of the high Chihuahuan desert. A midnight bonfire at El Cosmico, sparks flying into the inky black sky. A sip of smoky mezcal, the viscous spirit streaking the side of a Mexican glass. A wander through Judd’s concrete boxes on a hot August afternoon. A pilgrimage to Prada Marfa at dusk to watch the lights come on. A distant brushfire, its scent borne by the west Texas winds. A slow, satiated walk down San Antonio Street, to eat ice cream under the flickering light of a dusty parking lot. The shriek of the train at 2 a.m., reminding you that you are alive and awake, and that this magical place was once nowhere.

Hand-poured, hand-crafted and hand-formulated. 100% natural, non-GMO American soy wax, hand-mixed with French fragrance oils, in classic Mexican glass with an American hardwood crackling wick, packaged in a Californian lucite box. Minus phthalates, minus paraffin, minus hazardous compounds. Pure, minimalist scent experiences.

7 ounces, 198 grams.

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