What is Plus?

Plus was founded by a mother + son team (Ann + Nic) and has been designed to provide people with all-natural, safe, non-toxic yet well-designed alternatives to chemical-laden, mainstream skin care. Our products are totally free of all toxins including parabens and phthalates, and chock full of bio-active extracts and oils. We use incredibly powerful ingredients such emu oil, apple stem cell extract and sea buckthorn oil (among many others), which are blended by hand with nutritive oils and shea butter to create all-natural products that really work.

What inspired us to create this brand?

Plus co-founder Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer twice. One morning she looked at the labels on her body care products and threw literally every single product she owned into the garbage. She was stunned at what was in her common everyday products. This chain of events started our research into all possible causes for breast cancer. What we learned was frightening: common chemicals found in many body care products can contribute to cancer and are actually found in breast tissue samples. Through our early research we learned about parabens, DMDM hydantoin and countless other toxins.

Thus began our 10-year odyssey to find a better solution: products that are all natural, non-toxic and clean; products with a soothing, naturally-derived fragrance; and products that feel rich and that actually work. But we didn’t want to sacrifice luxury. As a result, we created our own line.

Plus was born through strength and vision, and with hope for Ann and for all those we love who have been affected by cancer. Plus is very, very personal and important to us. It is our passion. 

Together we set out to build a little company to give back, to educate, to fight a disease. It was all we knew how to do in the face of fear. We took a terrible situation and twisted it into something good. Sharing the end result—skin care products that are good for people—makes it all feel a little better. 

We hope you enjoy our products!

Ann + Nic