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Greatest advice you’ve ever received:

Be patient. Be positive. Be persistent.

Favorite PLUS product:

Now I can’t live without all of them…but ok, if I have to choose one: the lip. 

Adventure you are dying to take: 

An all-day—not just a couple of hours—but an all-day Orca trip off the coast of Washington—in a very small boat—with marine biologists telling me all about what we see. (With a bottle of wine and a picnic lunch.)

Time your alarm goes off: 

My “cattle dog alarm" goes off at 5 am! But that doesn’t mean I get up then!

Favorite room in your house: 

My sunny living room with my big over-sized chair. No one sits in it but me. (Well, me and the aforementioned cattle dog.)

Truth or dare: 

Don’t ever dare me…I’m crazier than I look.

Inspired by: 

Anyone affected by a life-threatening disease who manages to keep going.

Super-power you’d want for a day

Teleportation! What I’d give...

Favorite sound: 

Waves, hands down.

First three things you do when you wake up:

1. Tell dog he is crazy for waking me up at 5am

2. Check the weather on my phone (just go with it, it’s what I do)

3. Drink my coconut almond milk/vita powder protein shake with a dozen crazy, all-natural supplements. EVERY DAY.

Vice you’ll never give up: 

Non-skinny (fatty) chais! Hey, life is short.

Your hero: 

May be controversial to some, but Lance Armstrong, still. He is THE reason I got out of bed during my first cancer diagnosis. (Well, he and my family.) It was a pretty grim time. One of those cases of “until you go through it, you can’t understand.” But his cancer recovery got me through the rough days.

Cause closest to your heart: 

Any cause dealing with the rescue and betterment of animals. 

Career you sometimes think you should have pursued: 

Marine biologist! I’m actually getting ready to take a marine science and conservation course online through Duke University. I am an ocean girl, for sure.


news + updates

What's new? Everything.

This is such a big day. We're so proud to announce the launch of Plus 2.0. Here's what's new:


Plus / Black

This is the big deal - a whole new line. We've taken the formulas for our best-selling Classic line (which remains the same) and boosted them with carefully selected active ingredients. The packaging is beautiful too - all frosted glass and matte black labels. Available currently for pre-order, all Plus Black line products will ship August 1. They are custom-formulated (like our Classic products) and hand-crafted in small batches to ensure maximum bio-active content.

Skin Deep Ingredient Links

Every listed ingredient is now an active link to the EWG Skin Deep Database - which shows you the Skin Deep rating for every single thing we put into our products. We're here to help you read your labels - and help you understand exactly what's in all of our products. While you're there, use the EWG Skin Deep database to check out some of your other products.

New Labels

Everything has a new look! We wanted to make sure everything is clear, honest and transparent in labeling - just like our products and mission. 

Comprehensive Active Ingredient Database

Now every active is indexed in our Ingredient page - allowing you to explore why we love and use each ingredient. Just click on each and explore away.

Thank you so much for all of your support throughout our infancy as a company. We're getting ready to launch in many more retail outlets (possibly even Europe!) and we're also getting ready for the next Denver Flea in June. Stay tuned - big stuff ahead!


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