Breast cancer


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The latest round of med tests have come back clean. So there you have it: 3 years/3 months/23 days. At what point do you stop counting? Never. At what point does it become easier? Not sure. Maybe the fact that there were two diagnoses, not just one, makes things more difficult. Therapies are on-going, as are the terrible after-effects of the surgeries and treatments. Some days feel like I’m starting at square one. The next day I feel pretty good. The recovery is long and certainly not easy. What’s easy is letting it get to me, and getting stuck in the low spots. But then…

But then I get an email from someone telling me how happy they are that they found Plus / modern natural skin care (never in a million years did I ever think I’d start a natural skin care company!), or I escape while paddle boarding in the hot summer sun, or I sit on the beach in south Texas and do nothing but watch the waves, or I dance with my daughter in H&M (don’t ask), or my crazy spotted cattle dog does something to make me laugh out loud. Simple things like that. And then I feel good.

3 years/3 months/23 days, and despite the tremendous challenges I still face, every single one of those days has made me grateful and thankful that I am still here to blog about it, and am able to enjoy those simple things. One day at a time baby, that’s my strategy. Just one day at a time.