Everyday Carry: Nic Leggett

We're continuing our theme of exploring what our favorite people use and carry with them on a daily basis - and now we're turning our attention to our co-founder and design director Nic Leggett. He's going on an epic trip to Europe in September and we asked what he and his partner are planning on carrying with them - let's check it out:

1. Harvester Backpack, Kika NY - "This bag is the ultimate traveling companion; so my pockets! Plus, we love the choice of wearing it like a backpack or carrying it like a briefcase."

2. Plus Lip Hydrate / Black - "I don't leave my house without it, so I'll be sure to pack a few pots just in case I give a couple away along the journey."

3. Wallpaper* city guide, Paris - "Such a handy little addition to an itinerary. All of the best spots in Paris, and a perfect way to figure out how to fill an hour or an afternoon. (Also check out the companion app!)"

4. Notebook, Robert Geller for Public-Supply - "I'm a graphic design nerd, so I design our itineraries and print them on label paper to stick in this notebook, along with ticket stubs and receipts from the best meals. So much more fun than an app. Plus, 25% of the proceeds benefit the Joe's Blackbook Foundation, which provides scholarships to design students."

5. Mitsubishi Uni-Pin Pen 01 / 0.28mm - "I'm also a pen freak. These are the only pens I'll use anymore - besides a good ol' five-cent rollerball. Doesn't bleed, and the point stays sharp forever."

6. 3.1 Phillip Lim for Linda Farrow 6 sunglasses - "A bit of a splurge, but you can't go to Paris without a pair of perfect sunglasses."

7. Pierre Hardy cube print passport cover - "Super-helpful, as I lose everything. Besides my giant new passport, it holds folded-up train tickets, metro cards and important bits of paper."

8. Apple EarPods - "I've lost three pairs already, but they're my favorite!"

9. Lepow U-Stone portable battery pack - "Completely essential, as map searches and app downloads drain that phone fast. This one can charge an iPhone 5 seven times!"

10. Equateur 85% dark chocolate bar, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse - "A little bit of heaven, from my favorite chocolatier in Paris. It helps stretch that morning baguette a little further, I've found."