ENTREPRENEUR: Nic Leggett, Co-Founder OF Plus / Modern Natural Skin Care


Greatest advice you’ve ever received: Always ask - the worst they can say is "no."

Favorite Plus product: Lip hydrate, hands down.

Adventure you are dying to take: A week (or three) in Marrakech - shopping for rugs, lounging on the roof of a riad drinking mint tea, wandering out to the desert... Sounds like paradise.

When does your alarm off in the morning: Usually 6:00am, but I am not a morning person - so the snooze button is usually used a few times.

Favorite room in your house: Our bedroom. The walls and ceiling are inky black-blue and it's so incredibly cozy. At night we use a Muji essential oil diffuser to scent the whole room - it feels like staying at a very luxe hotel.

Truth or dare: Dare.

Inspired by: Le Corbusier / Tom Ford / Herzog & de Meuron / Rem Koolhaas / Miuccia Prada

Super-power you’d want for a day: Teleportation. How perfect to zip to Paris for a weekend!

Favorite sound: Thunderstorms. I actually have a white noise app that plays the sound of a thunderstorm in the Atlas Mountains while I fall asleep.

First three things you do when you wake up: 1. Kiss our French bulldog, Clementine - her head is usually on the pillow next to mine.2. Email triage. I'm trying to start my day with less stressful things but I'm so busy lately that it seems slightly impossible.3. Oil pull with coconut oil. (it's an Ayurvedic thing - opinions seem to be quite divided about efficacy - but my teeth have never been whiter!)

Vice you’ll never give up: Licorice allsorts, champagne, steak tartare.

Your hero: My grandfather, my mother, my father.

Cause closest to your heart: I have a big heart so I cannot choose just one: LGBTQ issues (equal rights / homeless youth) / Project Angel Heart (food delivery for people with life-threatening diseases) / LIVESTRONG / National Mill Dog Rescue + breed-specific rescue orgs.

Career you sometimes think you should have pursued: Is there such a thing as a cacti horticulturalist? I cannot stop collecting new varieties - and our house is getting a little full.